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mill® motion 2

5-axis wet and dry processing with full value creation and range of indications
With the Ceramill Motion 2 from Amann Gerrbach® it is possible to retain the value creation chain of prosthetic and framework digital fabrication entirely inhouse. Ceramill Motion 2 combines the 5-axis milling technique (wet/dry) with the wet-grinding technique. The machine can be used not only as a purely dry or wet system, but can also be operated in the wet and dry combination mode. In the combination mode, operation can be easily changed between milling and grinding mode.


  • Material-appropriate processing for each material
  • Modular and upgradable with other material blank holders (e.g. for processing glass ceramic)
  • ”Speed boost” milling strategies for high productivity
  • Tool holder with automatic tool changer
  • Very precise and extremely robust Jäger spindle
  • Automatic tool length measurement and broken tool detection
  • Can be used with open CAD/CAM systems (3Shape®, Dental Wings®) (after verification using the Ceramill Upload Tool)
  • Future-proof machine concept for new indications (e.g. models, full-denture prosthetics, splints...)


NobelProcera dental CAD/CAM system

The NobelProcera System combines precision scanning and intuitive design, extensive services and high-end industrial production.

The NobelProcera System digitizes models quickly with minimal user intervention. Intuitive workflows and tools will quickly and efficiently design restorations in the NobelProcera Software.

NobelProcera 2G Scanner - accurate scanning for perfectly fitting restorations

Receive perfectly fitting restorations. Every time.

Remakes are expensive. That's why the NobelProcera System uses a specific scan process for each product type. Together with unique conoscopic technology, this ensures high scanning precision to prevent costly errors.

We play a big role in patient treatment with the NobelProcera System. We are able to digitize model surface information such as soft tissue and diagnostic tooth setup means we can be involved right from the planning stage.

We make sure, your restorations work for you

Producing unrivaled restorations is what we do. So it goes without saying that we want you to get the most out of our NobelProcera System. Partner with us. Our knowledgeable technical support are on hand whenever you have a question.

Get peace of mind with predictable and reliable restorations

With the NobelProcera System, what we see is what we get. Using built-in material and production parameters, the software will alert us if the design doesn't meet the minimum requirements for longevity and product performance.

Get full access to NobelProcera Production

It's only with the NobelProcera System that you gain full access to NobelProcera Production for all your products – and all the benefits that come with it. We use the NobelProcera production facility to mill your restoration because production that ensures optimal product quality is already in place, anytime.

We design all your restorations – abutments, implant bridges, implant bars, crowns and bridges – in one complete software system.  The software is continuously updated to support new innovations and workflows.

Get all the advantages of NobelProcera restorations.


Straumann® CARES®
The Choice is Yours for Original Straumann® CARES® Customized Abutments
Straumann offers the freedom to choose customized abutment design. The in-lab CADCAM solution that delivers complete scan and design control with an expanded portfolio to Straumann where we generate the customized CARES Abutment. We can choose the best way to original Straumann CARES Customized Abutments to meet your needs. Obtaining original Straumann CARES Customized Abutments is now easier than ever!


Custom Shading

Logic Dental Solutions offers custom shading for local customers! 

Only the Best

Our quality of work is something we take great pride in. When you work with Logic Dental Solutions, you can expect shorter delivery times on all prosthetics and appliances. We will never call you up at the last minute to tell you your case won't be ready.

We go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction and offer immediate services for emergencies or particularly demanding patients. This means that your patients won't have unnecessary wait times and can expect cases being delivered on time.

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